A Strickland Vintage Watches Calendar Girl is more than…

A Strickland Vintage Watches Calendar Girl is more than gorgeous. SVW Girls are rhapsodies of nature, making up an exclusive sorority of some of the brightest and most beautiful women in the world, as intrepid as they are captivating.

This week we’ll be sharing a little about the Girls and their off-camera adventures. Today is the goddess herself, Miss Hanna Cowart.

Miss Cowart is not content to sit idly by as the world revolves. An international model, photographer and scholar, she has created art in Seattle, New Orleans, New York, LA, Chicago, Cuba and most of Europe. She’s currently in Greece working on a three-month documentary project in conjunction with her New York University.  We’re hoping she’ll find time to create SVW calendar art for 2018.

Beauty and brains, gentlemen, beauty and brains.