A Strickland Vintage Watches Calendar Girl is more than…

A Strickland Vintage Watches Calendar Girl is more than gorgeous. SVW Girls are rhapsodies of nature; an exclusive sorority of some of the brightest and most beautiful women in the world, as intrepid as they are captivating.

We’ve had quite a few questions and observations about SVW Calendar Girls – how they’re chosen, what qualities we look for, what they’re like in person. So many kind words; so much positive energy!

Well, to be an SVW Calendar Girl is a simple process: They simply must be among the most beautiful women in the world – inside and out – and they must be asked by someone involved with SVW. Photographers, models recommend candidates, but most are invited by Bill Strickland himself.

Miss Chanda Am is the quintessential SVW Girl. She’s intoxicatingly beautiful – so much so, she stops traffic during our shoots. She’s also as sweet and kind as she is beautiful. We’re not the only ones who’ve recognized this in her. Miss Chanda is a much-sought-after model, spokeswoman and now, actress. She has been discovered, as they say, and has traveled the globe pursuing her art.

This image of her suiting up in some of the traditional garb of her region sums up how smoothly her energy flows. The camera loves her; our clients love her, and we certainly love her.  While Miss Chanda Am has a [very] busy schedule, she has been kind enough to set aside a little time for a 2018 calendar shoot. Not this summer though, as she’s working on a film.