Last week we filled you in on the summer exploits of our SVW…

Last week we filled you in on the summer exploits of our SVW Calendar Girls. On behalf of all of them, we thank you for your questions, comments and well-wishes. Each young lady has asked us to let you know she’s flattered and grateful and, in the words of one: “See you in the calendar!”

Today we want to recognize a major force behind the creation of our social media art and yearly calendar: our friend, photographer Rossie Newson.

Well-known and well-loved, Mr. Newson began his art career as an award-winning illustrator for The Tampa Tribune. After charming everyone there, he began creating pieces for the St. Petersburg Times. Over a quarter century, Mr. Newson’s work was recognized industry-wide.

One bright morning almost 10 years ago, Rossie Newson decided to put down his pencil and pick up a camera. Things … went well.  His photography is known around the world and he is considered one of the most sought-after portrait artists in the region. His work has appeared in books, museums, magazines and across the Web, as well as in Strickland Vintage Watches’ yearly calendar.

Many of his models have gone on to varying degrees of acclaim.  All have loved the experience of working with him. Currently, Mr. Newson juggles an ever-increasing schedule and is preparing for several projects including SVW’s 2018 calendar, a cross-country photo-documentary project and another book of his work.

From all the SVW Calendar Girls; all of the clients who delight in his work and all of us at SVW: Thank you, dear friend, for allowing us to create art together!