“Why my watch? I asked“Because I know you love it and I wanted…

“Why my watch? I asked

“Because I know you love it and I wanted you to know it’s wrapped
around me now. I like putting it to my ear at night and listening to it tick
like a little heart. And …  I wanted to see if you’d stop me from taking it. Do
you want it back?”

“No.  I want you to
have it.”

We got to that place in the canyon she loves and in a moment
she had grabbed her camera and was out of the car. I sat and watched her walk
toward the wooden fence, her frayed cuffs fluttering. She hopped onto the rail and immersed in the moment, oblivious to the world and me.  Something told me that one minute … that one
minute of my life as I watched her bathe her face in afternoon gold, would be
the minute her heart would float away; wafting and darting alone, disappearing.
There was no specific thing that told me, just a feeling that some Olympian
goddess had brushed away my longing with an indifferent flip of her hand: You
will love her; she will not love you.”

“Road to Angel City” series created exclusively for Strickland Vintage Watches

Photographer: Hanna Cowart   [hannacowart.com]

Model: Lotta Lemetti   [lottalemetti.com]

Timepiece: Men’s 1957 Bulova