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Gorgeous 1906 Longines postcard.

American watch maker Waltham made trench watches for the great heroes of WWI. This advertisement appeared in the London paper during that period.

“Time to Wait” featuring our stunning SVW Calendar Girl Anisa French.
Photographer: Rossie Newson
Makeup: Vladmir Hernandez
Timepiece: Men’s 1918 Waltham trench watch with original strap

Turn-of-the-Century magazine illustration for American timepiece manufacturer Elgin Watch Company: “Sure as the sun is the Elgin watch: Unaffected by heat or cold, damp or drought, jar or jolt, Elgin watches keep accurate time.“ Circa September, 1903.

Oh to have the treasures on the dressing table of this Gibson Girl featured in a Swiss jeweler’s ad, circa 1900

Exquisite Solid 9 carat gold men’s Waltham military wire-lug wristwatch made for the English market, circa WWI. Fully restored, with period engraving and correct two-piece cordovan strap.

This Elgin National Watch Company timepiece, circa 1902, contains one of the finest railroad-grade pocket watch mechanisms available in the day: a solid nickel, 23 ruby jeweled “Veritas” with solid gold jewel settings; gold train and jeweled motor barrel. Offered in a period presentation box.  

Strickland Vintage Watches was pleased to contribute an article on WWI “Trench” watches for the March/April 2013 Skirmish Magazine by the UK’s Dragoon Publishing. You may read the full article by clicking here:

The Hamilton Pocket Watch – adored by railroaders and collectors the world over; treasured by those who know fine timepieces and hoarded by collectors; without question, Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pa. has emerged as one of the finest watch houses ever to build a timepiece. Hamilton produced this ad for its 940 movement in 1911.

Wonderful Longines poster created by renowned artist Leonetto Cappiello featuring Father Time, circa 1911.