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This Elgin National Watch Company timepiece, circa 1902, contains one of the finest railroad-grade pocket watch mechanisms available in the day: a solid nickel, 23 ruby jeweled “Veritas” with solid gold jewel settings; gold train and jeweled motor barrel. Offered in a period presentation box.  

Extremely rare WWI era Men’s “Croix de Guerre” wrist watch in solid bronze and French wash. Restored, featuring a two-piece cordovan strap with matching buckle. Circa 1918

Billie Burke – most famous for portraying Glinda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz,” circa 1910. She was also married to Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., who founded the Ziegfeld Follies.


The most expensive watch in the world is the Breguet 160 Grand Complication Marie-Antoinette, valued at $30 millon. It was commissioned by an alleged lover of Marie-Antoinette in 1782. The complicated timepiece took 45 years to make.

The watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet, began work on the watch in 1782 and his son finally finished it in 1827, four years after his father’s death.  Antoinette never got admire her gift because it was finished 34 years after her execution.

Stolen in late 1983 and retrieved in 2007, many horologists consider it to be the Holy Grail of collecting.

Rolex 1601 wide boy

Rolex Geneve 9577 18KW

Rolex 5513 submarine

Citizen Alarm

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