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Elgin’s prescription for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, circa 1926

The classics: old trucks and vintage watches

SVW model Davis Jasmin sits in front of an old Plymouth wearing his men’s 1956 Croton Acurator wristwatch. Photo by Rossie Newson

Happy Birthday, Goldie Hawn, who turns 74 today!

Extremely rare WWI era Men’s “Croix de Guerre” wrist watch in solid bronze and French wash. Restored, featuring a two-piece cordovan strap with matching buckle. Circa 1918

Sophia Loren. Because Sophia Loren.

Colorful nautical-themed Doxa wristwatch ad; Switzerland 1932.

Strickland Vintage Watches models are ready for their closeup. From left: Chanda Am, Samah Yaseen and Anisa French, who are doing a little “touch up” during the photo shoot.

Photographer: Rossie Newson
Makeup: Lucrecia Suarez 

Timepieces: From left: Ladies’ 1928 Elgin Triangle Dial wristwatch; Ladies’ 1920 platinum and diamond Marcel Watch Co. cocktail watch; and Men’s 1925 oversized Dueber Hampden

Elgin 75th Anniversary Series for the Lord Elgin and Lady Elgin wrist and pocket watches, circa 1939.

SVW Calendar model Mitch DeArmond wearing a 1959 Hamilton stainless steel automatic wristwatch that complements his classic look. Photo by Rossie Newson.

Sir Elton John  trendsetting with his early L.E.D. wristwatch in the early 1970s.